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AMCP is proud to announce SAFPhIR, a new state and federal law and regulatory resource for managed care pharmacy.
SAFPhIR’s resources include:

  • New law and regulatory intelligence
  • Expert policy analysis
  • Actionable high-level guidance
  • Only relevant news and information
  • Customized to your State or Federal priorities

Do you strive to stay on top of regulatory and policy issues that impact the managed care pharmacy industry? Do you get frustrated pouring through alerts for irrelevant topics or geographies that don’t impact your business?

Would you benefit from thoughtful, insightful analysis of policies and regulations that illustrate the potential impact for your business, your operations and your quality of care?

If you said yes to any or all of the above, we can’t wait to show you how SAFPhIR can make your job easier. SAFPhIR is here to help you stay ahead of the curve without wasted steps.

Sign up for Early Access and our industry experts based at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy will follow up with you. We’d love to share our screen and show you exactly what you can expect when your organization subscribes to SAFPhIR.