Review Tailored Policy Analysis

Policy analysis provided by managed care pharmacy experts gives you the insights you need to quickly understand how each new law or regulation will impact your organization. SAFPhIR’s team of expert policy analysts review new laws and adopted regulations and provide actionable guidance from the perspective of health plans, pharmacy benefit organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

Additionally, SAFPhIR includes landscape reports that cover topics that are of critical importance to managed care pharmacy. Landscape reports provide the current state of law for a given topic, such as biosimilars, fraud, waste and abuse, or compounding to name a few, and will be updated on a regular basis.

If there is a topic of importance to your organization that is not currently covered in SAFPhIR’s list of landscape reports, you can request a custom expert analysis to address your specific needs.

Monitor New Laws & Regulations

Monitoring new laws and regulations using old tools has gotten overwhelming. SAFPhIR makes it easy to manage the blizzard of new bills and regulations that impact managed care pharmacy each year. SAFPhIR pulls legal and regulatory data from various sources and then validates that information before adding it into our easy to use database and sending out alerts. This means you aren’t subjected to irrelevant or redundant information.

This really makes a big difference for your productivity. In 2015, there were more new bills signed into law and more regulations adopted impacting the managed care pharmacy industry at the state level than ever before. Our records show 155 bills enacted in 2015 including five laws on biosimilars alone. In the same year, 386 regulatory actions impacted the industry. (Learn more about this in our blog)

SAFPhIR makes it easy for you to track the jurisdictions and topics that matter most to your business, so that you are not overwhelmed with irrelevant clutter and so that critical information does not slip through the cracks.

Log in and view comprehensive information about laws and regulations. SAFPhIR’s data can be easily sorted and filtered, which means you can customize reports on the fly showing the laws and regulations that matter to you.

Receive Timely Notifications

Email notifications of new laws and regulatory changes are not a new concept. But they tend to be overwhelming when you are monitoring multiple services and sources.

Reduce your inbox clutter and let SAFPhIR be your one-stop-shop for keeping track of all state and federal laws and regulations impacting the managed care pharmacy industry.

With SAFPhIR’s notification system, you receive timely notifications for the states and federal jurisdictions that matter to your organization. We monitor all of the activity for new laws and regulations, and send you timely notifications without redundant or irrelevant information.

Access Additional News & Information

SAFPhIR puts all of the information on any given subject relevant to managed care pharmacy at your fingertips, including news and information from a wide variety of credible industry sources. Reduce your time spent on researching a topic, such as biosimilars for example, by using SAFPhIR’s comprehensive database of relevant news and information as your one-stop-shop.

Not only will you see all of the relevant laws and regulations, but you’ll also see all of the latest news on the topic without having to hunt and peck through online searches. We use technology to pull in all of the data you can find online, but then we use experts to cull out any irrelevant clutter that a computer alone would not be able to filter. This gives you the best, most comprehensive view on the topic.